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First decide whether you want synthetic or organic fertilizers for your garden; this is your decision as the grower.

Keep in mind all fertilizers can be used too much, be careful how strong of a dosage you give your plants especially in the beginning. It's often recommended start at half the dosage; for example, if the nutrient bottle calls for 5 ml per gallon start at 2.5ml per gallon to ease your plant into a fertilizer regimen.

Too many people put too much status on their fertilizers. By that we mean that it's often believed that your fertilizer will make or break your gardens success. Proper nutrition is obviously vital to obtain a successful crop however it should not be looked at as the end-all be-all for achieving your goals. Remember your garden is only as good as it's weakest link. Temperature/humidity/CO2/lighting are all just as important as your fertilizer!