What’s that smell? Odor control in the Grow Room

If you are a cannabis grower then you are familiar with the strong odors that this herb produces within a grow tent or room. Particularly, during her flowering stage. The unfortunate thing is that this delightful smell can be recognized easily and may cause you a lot of trouble. In this article, we will look at the different options that can help neutralize the odor of your plants. There are basically two ways to go about it; you either find ways to remove the smell from the air, or …
24th Nov 2015 Mark W. Boutwell II

Benefits of using Gorilla Grow Tents for Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening has become an increasingly profitable way of maximizing yield. This method as discovered by researchers and has led to increased yield in farm produce. This type of farming works for different crops and for all sort of farming, from commercial crops to fruits and vegetables. The advantages of indoor farming using gorilla grow tents are numerous compared to other modes of farming and we discuss them in this article. 1. Indoor gardening with gorilla grow tents promotes consu …
26th Aug 2015 Mark W. Boutwell

How Using a Gorilla Grow Tent Benefits Growers

In places such as the northern where the climate is cool, warm weather that comes during summer does not last for a long time to allow for cultivation of crops that require warm weather like tomatoes, pepper and watermelons. Though gardeners can somehow try to extend the warm season using complicated greenhouses, this requires a lot of effort and money particularly if the gardener has no plans of growing a large garden. This makes the use of grow tents a much better option f …
13th Jul 2015

8 Reasons Why Using Gorilla Grow Tents is a Great Idea

Gorilla grow tents are generally thought to be great cultivation solutions from cannabis for people home growers who grow the plant on small scale. Even so, growing crops in gorilla grow tents is a great idea for growers who are into commercial farmers and switch locations every so often. One of the best things about grow tents is that they are highly moveable once the system has been developed well. This gives growers a chance to generate results and enables them to move without …
12th Jul 2015

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