Why should you add paper to your growing media

What is PittMoss? – - Discount Code (Perfect15)PittMoss is a planting medium created from recycled newspaper, which is shredded up and remolded into tiny puff balls and fibers, that stick out all over it. It’s highly porous and absorbent, making it ideal for the retaining of soil moisture for much longer time periods. That makes the gardener’s life a lot easier, by not having to water his/her plants as often. Plus, it saves plants from dying, due to overly dry soil and th …
11th May 2022 Perfect Gardens Team

What’s that smell? Odor control in the Grow Room

If you are a cannabis grower then you are familiar with the strong odors that this herb produces within a grow tent or room. Particularly, during her flowering stage. The unfortunate thing is that this delightful smell can be recognized easily and may cause you a lot of trouble. In this article, we will look at the different options that can help neutralize the odor of your plants. There are basically two ways to go about it; you either find ways to remove the smell from the air, or …
24th Nov 2015 Mark W. Boutwell II

Small grow tents: The effect of lowering the lights in a grow tent

Light intensity vs. temperatureDropping the lights in a grow tent is generally not advisable due to the fact that they will burn the plants that are directly below them. While lowering the temperature of the lights so they can be placed closer to the plants may seem like a viable idea, it is not recommended. You may argue that reducing the heat and bringing the bulb closer will provide the plants with more lumens of light without burning them. However, in this case, you will realize that …
23rd Sep 2015

How Gorilla Grow Tents help Hydroponic Farmers

The emerging practice to grow crops in gorilla grow tents is offering a great alternative for plant enthusiasts. The lack of adequate space is no longer a reason to not produce crops because grow tents provide an even easier way of doing so. Gorilla grow tents are the leading grow tents on the market today. They are known to promote hydroponics; a kind of farming that doesn’t involve using soil. Rather, plants are grown using solutions that have all the nutrients that they require.Growin …
23rd Sep 2015

Benefits of using Gorilla Grow Tents for Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening has become an increasingly profitable way of maximizing yield. This method as discovered by researchers and has led to increased yield in farm produce. This type of farming works for different crops and for all sort of farming, from commercial crops to fruits and vegetables. The advantages of indoor farming using gorilla grow tents are numerous compared to other modes of farming and we discuss them in this article. 1. Indoor gardening with gorilla grow tents promotes consu …
26th Aug 2015 Mark W. Boutwell

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