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What’s that smell? Odor control in the Grow Room

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If you are a cannabis grower then you are familiar with the strong odors that this herb produces within a grow tent or room. Particularly, during her flowering stage. The unfortunate thing is that this delightful smell can be recognized easily and may cause you a lot of trouble. In this article, we will look at the different options that can help neutralize the odor of your plants. There are basically two ways to go about it; you either find ways to remove the smell from the air, or you cover it up. If you are only growing one or two plants then you can manage to cover up the smell. However, if your grow room is bigger and has more plants, then you are better off finding ways to clear the smell. Below are some of the foremost ways to rid your grow tent of odors:

1. Use Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are also known as carbon scrubbers and are the standard way of controlling odors in a grow room. Carbon filters work by extracting odors out of the grow room while neutralizing the scents that pass through them. If you are in need of neutralizing the air that comes out of the exhaust, then carbon filters are your best option. Carbon filters that operate well will ensure that the smell from your grow room will not leak into your neighborhood. These devices are designed to use activated carbon which absorbs impurities and aromas through a chemical process from the air and then pushes them through a filter. 

If you choose to use carbon scrubbers, then you will need to create a situation where the smell of cannabis will be forced out through the filter. This means that you need to install a push or pull fan that will pull or push air through the carbon scrubbers. The most common way of doing this is to set up the carbon filters so they form part of the exhaust system. Installing them this way ensures that there is an exhaust fan that draws hot air out from the grow area. As the hot air is drawn away from the crops, the carbon filter scrubs the odor from the air as it passes on its way out. Carbon scrubbers are very effective, easy to maintain after set up and are durable.

2. Use Odor Neutralizers

Unlike the carbon filters that work by ‘scrubbing’ odors from the air, odor neutralizers work by covering up the smell. Odor neutralizers are formulated to combine with unpleasant smells in such a way that the odor gets neutralized. They usually have fragrances that are so strong they can overshadow the grow room smells. Though, it is strongly recommended that odor neutralizers be placed outside of the grow tents that have flowering crops. This is because strong neutralizers work very well to the extent that they can alter the flavor of the plants’ buds over time. They are highly effective in neutralizing smells outside of the grow room.

There are instances where growers have attempted to use incense, sprays, or even colognes to cover the smell of flowering crops. Such products aren’t strong enough to neutralize the smell for the long term and it can alter the crop’s organic smell. If you choose to use odor neutralizer to manage the aromas from your grow room, ensure that you choose a neutralizer that is consistent. Once your plants begin to produce the flowering scent, they will not stop until your harvest. In fact, the smell just gets stronger as time progresses. Some of the highly recommended odor neutralizers are Ona products that are available in both Block and Gel form. These neutralizers are easy and quick to use. They are highly effective at overshadowing smells in smaller grow rooms, and they only work for short periods of time. 

When using Ona products, you need to be ready to replace the gel or the blocks each week or over several months. Ona Gel tends to be more effective than Ona Blocks in odor control.

3. Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are also referred to as air filters and are said to reduce odors through a filtering process. Conversely, they are not strong enough to rid cannabis smells from the grow room or tent. While there are some air filters that help in dissipating odors from the air, these air purifiers lack the strength to draw all of the odors out of a grow room. Consequently, this only makes them marginally effective. Therefore, these devices can be a great choice for other reasons such as size and portability. They may not be an appropriate choice for growers who are looking to clear the smell of cannabis out of larger grow rooms.

4. Use an Ozone Generator

"How_an_Ozone_Generator_Works_1000_564_a.png" v:shapes="Picture_x0020_13">These devices are relatively new and are used to neutralize odors in your grow room. They are capable of cleaning the air, clearing odors and killing mildew and mold. The use of odor generators in grow rooms have several pros and cons. The biggest advantage attributed to these devices is the fact that they kill bacteria not only in the grow room but also in the carbon filters and exhaust fans. The approach to using carbon filters and ozone generators to remove odor is basically the best option and it’s affordable. 

Ozone generators are highly effective in removing odors from the air. This will also create an uncomfortable environment for mites and spiders which helps to keep them in check. The disadvantage of ozone generators is the fact that these devices are so effective to the point that they can alter the flavor or even the aroma of the crops in your grow rooms, and exposure to these generators for long periods of time may be harmful to your health. 


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