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We supply all of the best grow lights available today. Whether you are looking for HID lighting, LED grow lights, Fluorescent or Induction lighting we have something to offer.

When you're choosing an indoor grow light you want to first determine your goals. How much of a harvest do you want to achieve? This will tell you how many plants you'll need or how large they need to be. Now you will understand how much space you would need in this situation along with how much money it would take for equipment, including lighting.

The point is take your time to plan properly and make sure your budget AND goals are in alignment with each other so there is no disappointment involved.

HID grow lights are the king in terms of reputation and popularity. LED grow lights are very popular online and work well for personal gardens. Fluorescent lights such as T5 seem a bit under-rated in our experience because they do work very well. Induction grow lights are somewhat new to the hydroponic industry and offer lower wattage options.

More questions? Give us a call 1-855-476-9466