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Hydroponics the act of growing plants without using soil. It is normal to see explosive growth and yield with hydroponic systems because they provide the plant with what it needs at all times.

Hydroponic gardens use much less water too because in most grow systems we are recirculating (re-using) the water rather then a drain to waste setup. Although some hydroponic system are a drain to waste.

Remember that oxygen is vital to hydroponic success, this is why you cannot simply grow in a cup of water. Also keep in mind that oxygen is useless if your water temperature isn't in a the right range.

Some important points to remember for hydroponic systems:

  • Keep pH between 5.5 - 6.3
  • Water Temp 65F-68F (hotter water cannot retain as much oxygen)
  • Change reservoirs every 1-2 Weeks
  • Keep PPM below 1500 PPM

If you are new to indoor gardening we recommend starting off in soil or coco first. Once you've gotten some experience with this a good starting hydroponic system is a deep water culture (DWC) bucket.

Call us if you have anymore questions about hydroponic systems 1-855-476-9466