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Intelligent-Gro 342W LED Grow Light

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RRP: $700.00 (You save $35.05)
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Product Description

This I-Gro Intensity Series LED light coverage area is 2' x 4' @ 26", DESIGNED TO REPLACE 400W HID/HPS

*Each order comes with one free Intelligent-Gro Controller      *additional controllers sold separately


Key Features:

Modularized design:

  • Easy and fast production
  • Easy maintenance and repairing

Full aluminum housing:

  • Light weight, cost saving for delivery
  • Anti-rust, anti-corrosion
  • Good heat dissipation, long life time
  • Smart design, elegant shape


  • CE and ROHS

54W High power center (105°beam angle) + 3W LEDs surrounded (78° beam angle):

  • High power penetration
  • Even LED light coverage

High Energy-Efficient Three Programmable LED Channels:

  • Independent channels for Growing, Vegetation, Flowering
  • Mode setting for sunset, sunrise, sunny, cloudy, 24 hoursrecycling
  • Customized setting for each channel in each hour, 24 hours recycling
  • More energy saving with controller
  • Intelligent-Gro LED Grow Lights cost between 40% - 70% less to operate compared to HID lamps
  • Channel 1: Grow/Intense Channel:

  • Channel 2: Vegetation channel:

  • Channel 3: Flowering channel:

  • Grow + Vegetation + Flowering:



LED controller Accessories


Daisy chain control:

  • One controller can support 10 lamps
  • Synchronous control
  • Saving cost for controller

Multi Lapm connection



  • Commercial Greenhouses
  • Indoor and Vertical Farms
  • Nurseries
  • Research

Product Description Page Image


Values and Spectrum:


PAR Spectrum LED Ratio Graph Per Module-Public Version


Intelligent-Gro Programmable Light Climate Custom 24 hr Cycle Scheduling Controller Instruction Manual

Intelligent-Gro Controller manual snapshot

Intelligent-Gro Controller manual snapshot PG-2

Intelligent-Gro Controller manual snapshot PG-3

Intelligent-Gro Controller manual snapshot PG-4

IGRO remote control

***We Suggest the following Light Cycling Setting for Stages of Medicinal Cannabis Plant Growth

Many growers have inquired about the best spectrum for rooting clones and maintaining mother plants. This program was developed to encourage vigorous rooting of clones and increased vegetative growth in mothers. The long day heavy in blue light will keep short-day plants in a vegetative state while conserving energy.


This is a typical 18 hour light cycle for vegetative growth of long-day and day-neutral plants. Using this program the user should see normal growth while consuming less power.


This is a typical 12 hour light cycle for flowering plants. Using this program will encourage abundant blooming in short-day plants. Harvests grown under this program have exceeded growers' expectations in both quality and yield.


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