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We offer a variety of high quality grow lamps for your indoor grow room or greenhouse situations.

High pressure sodium bulbs are meant for the flowering stage of the plants life. It will promote the fruiting or flowering phase by mimicing the hues of the sun in the fall. You would also need to adjust your grow light timer appropriately.

Metal halide bulbs are meant for the vegetative stage of the plants life. Some plants stay in a vegetative stage such as lettuce and other leafy varieties. This means you use the metal halide bulbs throughout the entire grow. Other plants only require a vegetative stage for as long as the grower wishes; this dictates plant height, size and often yields.

T5 grow lamps are meant for the fluorescent fixtures they belong to. These come in different colors as well much like HPS and MH grow lamps do. They are for the same purpose, vegetative and flowering cycles.