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Our goal with any indoor grow room is to be in full control of the environment. You must
control everything from the wind (oscillating fan), the climate
(exhaust/controllers), the sunrise/sunset for plants (grow light), and
of course water/nutrition.

Every plant has a different preference in terms of environment settings. Here is a good rule of thumb that
most plants will thrive in.
  • Temperature: 72F - 78F (lights on) and 62F-68F (lights off)
  • Humidity: 50% - 60% (vegetative stage) and 40% - 55% (flowering stage)
  • CO2 Levels: 300 - 400 PPM (minimum levels) and 1200 - 1500 PPM (optimal levels)
  • Lighting Schedules: 18 hrs ON - 6 hrs OFF (veg) and 12 hrs ON - 12 hrs OFF (flower)
Remember that we ideally want to exchange the grow room air every minute.
Exchanging specifically means that we remove the air from our grow room
and replace it will fresh, cooler air.
As always, contact us with any questions 855-476-9466