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If you plan to grow in a sealed indoor grow room environment then you will want an air conditioner. The reason is that this will allow you to recyle the air within the grow room. This air can be recyled again and again as long as the CO2 in the room is being replenished.

Keep in mind that air conditioners require an outside source of air such as the kind that sit in windows. Portable air conditioners still require access to outside air or a separate room for intake and outake; such as dual hose setups.

Many people use dehumidifers along with air conditioners because you can only run one feature at a time. This means that even if your A/C advertised having a dehumidifier feature it can only run one of those modes at a time.

These are vital components for indoor grow rooms because we must keep the temperature and humidity in certain ranges in order to maintain an ideal growing condition.