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Many businesses don't even create a page like this. Most that take the time to do it, then do not use these principles in their business operations.

Believe it or not we truly do live by these principles on a daily basis. The ones who cannot do this usually get weeded out of the company fairly quickly.

This isn't just something nice to write on our website, this is real. If you're not sure what these principles really mean, click on the link for each to get more clarification.

Mission Statement (?)
We Help You Grow

We do help you grow; we always go above and beyond helping someone with gardening advice. We feel it is our duty to ensure your growing experience is successful because if it is not, then it does not benefit anyone.

Vision Statement (?)

Turn sustainability gardening into the status-quo.

Our current agriculture landscape is lacking something vital to our health. It isn't something you can see from the crops but it is something you can see from the people. We need more minerals in our soils to give more nutritional value into our foods. Sustainability and science should be combined to help everyone on our planet.

Values & Value Statements (?)

1. Honesty: Be truthful with our customers, each other, and ourselves even if we are at fault.

2. Teamwork: There is no you, me, they or I, there is only us working together as a team.

3. Respect: Give the respect you wish to receive.

4. Loyalty: Always remain dedicated and trustworthy to our customers and company.

We use our values for everything we do. In our minds it is a tool for anything we do in our lives whether it be personal or business related. For example we use something that we call a 'values filter' in order to make decisions. If something does not match up to our values we simply do not do it.

Perfect Gardens is a team dedicated to help change the way we grow our food and treat our planet.

We are growers helping growers; we work with many different horticulturists and relay that experience online to give users solid advice that is backed by fellow gardeners stories.

We started the business in the summer of 2009. However our team has more than 25 years of combined experience.

We are based out of Salinas California which is the lettuce capital of the world. We can’t go very far before being surrounded by agriculture fields.

The combination of living/growing up where we do and grow coaching over 50+ grow rooms per year hands-on gives us the ability to be confident we are providing you with some of the latest and best information possible.

Our Goal is to Make Sure Our Customers Become Successful with their Indoor gardens, backyard gardens and farms!

We understand that if our customers’ success directly correlates with our own. Bottom-line we want as many people as possible to become as sustainable as they wish.

A great place to begin is with your own fruits, vegetables and herbs. There is money to be made doing this, good times to be had, and great people to meet, join us on this journey and we will all benefit immensely.

For answers to more questions about us, here’s a bunch down below:

How often do you update your website?
We update the website on a daily to weekly basis. We’re consistently doing our best to pump out more articles and videos to keep knowledge flowing to our visitors.

How can I subscribe to your website’s content?
Please LIKE us on Facebook
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How can I contact you if what I’ve read here isn’t enough?
Feel free to call us Toll-Free @ 855-476-9466. Also you can e-mail us at with any questions or comments.

How can I engage with your site even more?
Comment on articles, rate them, visit our e-commerce website @ and view our products, along with product videos. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up-to-date on our video postings.

What are ways that I can work with you?
Contact us via e-mail or phone and we can discuss large projects you may want to achieve, we can talk through details and find out what is the best way for us to joint venture and complete our goals.

What’s your website traffic like?
Our traffic is steady; we’re always working with our SEO Company to make sure we keep improving our web presence.

What can I expect in return by working with you?
You can always expect nothing less of professional individuals with great integrity in all we do. We are truly honest people who strive to find others with similar values and missions.


Meet the Team



Mark W. Boutwell II – CEO

I stepped into my first Garden when I was about 4 years old. My Father would educate me on how the Indians taught the pilgrims how to survive using different techniques in farming. When I was in a garden my father would always forces us to use our space as effective as possible. I think this is the reason why I gravitated to indoor garden as I got older.

During High School I changed my focus to Sport, which led me to college. After college I joined the Military and was part of the 212th Para rescue in Alaska. After realizing that the military wasn’t for me I bounced around the country for a while until I found a home with Green Joint Ventures. Thank You Green Joint Ventures for helping me to find my purpose. 

I was never really attracted to traditional gardening growing up. My next-door neighbors had a very large jungle of a garden in their front yard, which was always interesting to see however didn’t spark much of an intrigue in myself so much to want to try it on my own. As I got older many people would speak of something called, ‘dro’ which I later realized was hydroponics.

This was something that did interest me because it was a newer, seemingly, more high tech way of gardening. It seemed so futuristic to me, and growing up I was a computer nerd so naturally anything ‘techie’ sparked some interest. 

I decided to give traditional gardening a try before hopping into hydroponics so that I could understand the plants biology without also having to understand the hydroponic dynamics. It was during that first soil grow that a friend of mine told me a new hydroponic store was opened in our town. I immediately went to check it out only to be too late as it was after hours. 

I remember peaking inside the window and seeing complex hydroponic systems in grow tents, and fertilizers on the shelves; all things that I had only seen online before so it was quite exciting to see these things in person even if it was just through the window at first.

Eventually I made it during business hours and began to speak with Mark Sr & Jr who shared with me all they knew. I attended classes, and expanded my knowledge all while making some good friends. Needless to say now I’m working closing with Mark Jr on the business as a whole and my lifestyle has become engulfed in hydroponics. What was a hobby has now become a career, and I look forward to sharing all I know with YOU 

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